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Hotel Call Doctor『 TEL: 5632-1500(365 days・7 days a week)』

When you feel sick but cannot go outside… Dr. can go to your place( home, office, hotel, etc.). Especially at Night-time or Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday when almost all the clinics have been closed, please use this Dr. Call service. We are available to pickup your phone call on 24hours basis. Reservation can be arranged from 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM.

  TEL: 5632-1500

Anyday, anytime and our English speaking staff will pick your call. ※ A house call doctor and one secretary will come to your place. ※ Right after the consultation, we will prescribe all the medicines needed. ※ We will give you the receipt and doctor’s diagnosis for insurance claim purpose. 『Simple medical exam』・Blood pressure・Blood suger・Electro Cardiogram・Influenza test 『You can use your credit card』・VISA & Master 『 Place can be arranged in below area』・Hong Kong・Kowloon・New Territory

  『Call Dr.’s introduction』

If you are sick or injured unexpectedly, if you go to government hospital and if you are considered as not urgent, you will be need to wait for 4-5 HR. 『House doctor 24』will offer house doctor service from having fever to injury and also provide private ambulance service. Our specialists are available 24 HR. At first, you can call our 24HR hotline service and tell us your symptom and we will arrange our specialist to your home or hotel or office at your preferred time. We will try to deliver the best medical service to meet your needs. We can do simple inspection such as influenza test and injury treatment. Our emergency kits are including oxygen cylinder and simple AED. We strive to deliver best medical service. Please feel free to call our hotlines if any inquiries. Hotline 24hr, reservation 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM TEL: 5632-1500 (365 days ・ 7 days a week ・ with translation)』

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