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Sexual transmitted diseases(STDs)

It refers to all infectious diseases infected by sexual acts (deep kiss other than SEX, petting, blowjob, cunnilingus, anal sex, including acts using tools). Sources of infection are contained in body fluids (semen, vaginal secretions, blood, etc.) and are infected mainly through the mucosa of the human body (penis, vagina, anus, urinary tract). It may also infect the oral cavity, throat, respiratory tract and eyes. There are many different diseases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Major sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are the following diseases. ・Syphilis ・Gonorrhea ・Non-gonococcal urethritis ・Chlamydia ・Genital herpes ・Trichomonas ・Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) ・HIV / AIDS
What is the cause?
The infection route of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) differs for each disease, and infection by bacteria, viruses and parasites is considered.
General symptoms?
The treatment method differs according to each sexually transmitted infection (STDs), and in particular, symptoms of female disease may not be seen in some cases. Common symptoms include abnormal secretions from penis and vagina, pain and discomfort during urination, rashes in the pudenda, ulcers, blisters and warts, itching of genitals, inflammation.
What is the appropriate precaution?
Many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be prevented by safe sexual intercourse. Do each other only with one partner who is not sexually transmitted. Use condom properly.
How do you know that it is a sexually transmitted infection?
First of all, we recommend you to consult a specialist. Sexually transmitted infections are diagnosed by sampling from the reproductive organs field, blood tests or urine tests. People who have sex with you need to test for sexually transmitted diseases as well.
What is the treatment?
Many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are treated by drug administration such as antibiotics. It is necessary to take prescribed tablets according to instructions from a specialist. At your own discretion, there is a possibility that it has not been properly treated. At the same time with yourself, we also recommend you to consult a partner who is likely to be infected. If your partner is infected, you may be infected again. In cases of sexually transmitted infections caused by viruses, there is a cure that helps to eliminate discomfort and prevent recurrence. We recommend that you refrain from sexual contact in order to prevent the spread of disease and to sustain the effect of drug treatment during the treatment period. In order to confirm that your own sexually transmitted diseases are being cured or controlled, a specialist’s consultation is required.
How do I treat them?
Sexually transmitted diseases are serious diseases affecting the entire body. Some sexually transmitted infections may affect offspring unless appropriate treatment is given. Treatment by yourself will have a negative effect on your partner as well as yourself. If there is any doubt, we recommend appropriate guidance by a specialist doctor.

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